Voiceover Samples

Anne is a gifted storyteller now concentrating on voiceover work. She has an isolated home studio and can engineer and master her own work. She has created and currently tours numerous historical and personal solo shows. As a result, she has developed a large selection of Male and Female personas as well as the voice of a welcoming Narrator that can make the most difficult material easy to understand. Below are some audition samples that illustrate her range.

3rd person, Female narrator, dialog, two Male characters, Children’s book. Vinny Gets A Job, by Terry Brodner (audition excerpt)

1st person, Female narrator, non-fiction. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple, by Seth J. Gillihan (audition excerpt)

3rd person, Female narrator, dialog, one Female, one Male character, fiction. A Good Mother, by Lara Bazelon (audition excerpt)

3rd person, Female narrator, dialog, one Female character, one Male character, Irish and British accents. Love and Fury: A Novel of Mary Wollstonecraft, by Samantha Silva (audition excerpt)

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